Weekly ZMap scan of IPv4 targeting TCP/22 and Banner Grab of RSA key.


We require that any publications that use data from Censys cite the service. If you're writing a blog post, feel free to just link to Censys. If you are writing an academic paper, please cite the following publication:

    author = {Zakir Durumeric and David Adrian and Ariana Mirian and Michael Bailey and J. Alex Halderman},
    title = {A Search Engine Backed by {I}nternet-Wide Scanning},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of the 22nd {ACM} Conference on Computer and Communications Security},
    month = oct,
    year = 2015

Dataset Details

Each result consists of ZMap scan of TCP/22 and tab separated ZGrab log file contains errors for hosts that did not complete handshake successfully. Contact Zakir Durumeric (zakir@umich.edu) with any questions.