Publicly available Zonefiles parsed into a sqlite3 database.

Study Details

John W. Garrett
John W. Garrett
DNS, Zonefile Transfer, axfr

Dataset Details

A sqlite3 database of Zonefiles compiled from publicly available sources, that is updated once per month.


- Take the work accomplished by Hanno Böck, and allow it to be queried in meaningful ways

- Allow for the addition of new zonefiles

- Make this dataset publicly available

- Raise general awareness on the inherit risk of allowing for Zonefile Transfers

Current Statistics:

- Number of Resource Records: 59,157,877

- Domains scanned thus far: 6,853,165

- Domains which allowed for a Zonefile Transfer: 509,919

- Nameservers which allowed for a Zonefile Transfer: 130,404

File Download

File NameMetaDataSHA-1 FingerprintSizeUpdated At
MASTER_20160416.sqlite.gz unavailable 695428C46BB8346E13E376F947E72C312F5BF7BF 1.1 GB 2016-04-16