Regular scans of the IPv4 space conducted by Project 25499

Study Details

Regular HTTP Scans of the IPv4
Silas Cutler
Project 25499 Questions

Dataset Details

This dataset contains scanning data from Project 25499. The files are in pairs, one contains the raw output from ZMap and the second conains JSON objects with any collected data

File Download

File NameMetaDataSHA-1 FingerprintSizeUpdated At
mi/http/201411_80.list.gz unavailable 279 MB 2014-11
mi/http/201411_80_http.json.gz unavailable 12 GB 2014-11
mi/http/201411_8080.list.gz unavailable 60 MB 2014-11
mi/http/201411_8080_http.json.gz unavailable 9.9 GB 2014-11
mi/http/201411_443_SSL.json.gz unavailable 8.2 GB 2014-11
mi/http/201412_0_http.json.gz unavailable 8.7 MB 2014-12
mi/http/201502_443_SSL.json.gz unavailable 2015-02
mi/http/201503_443_SSL.json.gz unavailable 2015-03
mi/http/201802-80.json.gz unavailable 63 GB 2018-02