SSLyze scans of POP, IMAP and SMTP related TCP ports, 20,000,000 IP/port combinations, Apr 2015 - August 2015

Study Details

No Need for Black Chambers: Testing TLS in the E-mail Ecosystem at Large
Wilfried Mayer, Aaron Zauner, Martin Schmiedecker, Markus Huber
Wilfried Mayer
TCP/25, TCP/110, TCP/143, TCP/465, TCP/587, TCP/993, TCP/995, SSLyze

Dataset Details

SSLyze results for e-mail related TCP ports

Ports: 25, 110, 143, 465, 587, 993, 995

Format: Tarball of LZ4 compressed XML results of SSLyze. Some files contain exactly one host, other files contain up to 100 targets per XML file. XML-Schema is found in the SSLyze source code (

File Download

File NameMetaDataSHA-1 FingerprintSizeUpdated At
25.tar unavailable 317BF71E823D660C3B07645956643B94221AA5FF 16 GB 2015-10-05
110.tar unavailable E9B2E45D3077E84B1452A22BC9D16B1FD0A6DB8F 36 GB 2015-10-05
143.tar unavailable 9CA77FAA95BB310A7135356FCC4A1DE48E9D21BF 7.4 GB 2015-10-05
465.tar unavailable CDDE08B63B8A8568FB29E48FB584DB7224E23F5B 30 GB 2015-10-05
587.tar unavailable 5E44C614BBB6D98B531616AD414112FB5C0B5F4F 18 GB 2015-10-05
993.tar unavailable 584186AFAECBB02984503BF45EBD87E2EBB2AA9F 48 GB 2015-10-05
995.tar unavailable B95A58F8126DD662AB2208BA068807B29E18541A 46 GB 2015-10-05