DNS 'ANY' responses for known forward DNS names

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Forward DNS (FDNS ANY)
Project Sonar
Rapid7 Labs
Rapid7 Labs

Dataset Details

This dataset contains the responses to DNS 'ANY' requests for all forward DNS names known by Rapid7's Project Sonar. The file is a GZIP compressed file containing the name, type, value and timestamp of any returned records for a given name in JSON format.

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File NameMetaDataSHA-1 FingerprintSizeUpdated At
20170204-fdns.json.gz unavailable 6C114BCE5D7EC9A3DFFA7533EBE0EF11D2D0C474 21243 MB 2017-02-04
20170211-fdns.json.gz unavailable A51FD71345E52F1EF7B7D33310D6C7E31F6DB4E6 21129 MB 2017-02-11