TCP SYN scans of the public IPv4 address space on port 443 completed on October 30-31, 2012 in order to measure the impact of Hurricane Sandy. The initial results from these scans were originally released as part of "ZMap: Fast Internet-Wide Scanning and its Security Applications" at USENIX Security 2013. The dataset consists of the unique TCP SYN-ACK and RST responses received by ZMap in CSV format.

Study Details

ZMap: Fast Internet-Wide Scanning and its Security Applications
In Proceedings of the 22nd USENIX Security Symposium, August 2013.
Zakir Durumeric, Eric Wustrow, J. Alex Halderman
	author = {Zakir Durumeric and Eric Wustrow and J. Alex Halderman},
	title = {{ZMap}: {F}ast {I}nternet-Wide Scanning and its Security Applications},
	booktitle = {Proceedings of the 22nd {USENIX} Security Symposium},
	month = aug,
	year = 2013
ZMap Research Team
TCP/443, ZMap

Dataset Details

The dataset is composed the ZMap CSV output of full TCP SYN scans of the IPv4 address against port 443. All files contain the following fields: response, saddr, daddr, sport, dport, in_cooldown, timestamp. The output contains any TCP SYN-ACK or TCP RST responses. We acknowledge that there are several hours that are missing from the dataset.

File Download

File NameMetaDataSHA-1 FingerprintSizeUpdated At
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T000300-04.csv.gz unavailable A01000049C6FA529EA29C3A8D42DA6597C664CA3 2.1 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T020000-04.csv.gz unavailable 37F92F295B2E61E473D3DFA34D16DECC86D800C9 2.2 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T041000-04.csv.gz unavailable 5226F1ED7B45BDD40E7DE74638CD112E9073C980 2.2 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T061000-04.csv.gz unavailable 531CA4629DD6EFEBB5CCDF3B9BF6DEFE6F956315 2.3 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T081000-04.csv.gz unavailable A0A9B6023519EE93C6D86CA85311532E8ED88AF5 2.3 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T101000-04.csv.gz unavailable 3228098BB068157F2D6BC93E7921DBE416737FBD 2.2 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T121000-04.csv.gz unavailable 8D131DAE12E5E887DCD8788312C189FF350B8CB4 2.1 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T141000-04.csv.gz unavailable B043A12CC3EA7F894B5A6F6806B099D8EEFADE1A 2.1 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T161000-04.csv.gz unavailable 512A84BF43E34A8F068ABE937B9E66F2353B6832 2.0 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-30T201000-04.csv.gz unavailable A7FA9AC3B1026780668F54869A10AB40D784EB81 2.1 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-31T001000-04.csv.gz unavailable C20B2C34CE246D8D7986690F5A690712C3AF8FFC 2.2 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-31T052100-04.csv.gz unavailable E0A24354610FD936CF6B14CD92634B8CC1411583 2.2 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-31T081000-04.csv.gz unavailable 47DA0F024A5E1592E8880428F4D7E1B31B9B2181 2.3 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-10-31T121000-04.csv.gz unavailable FEB39A7F0E6162FF1C238498A3EBDE9EB1CC5ACE 2.1 GB 2013-09-25
zmap.tcp443.2012-11-01T100000-04.csv.gz unavailable 44FE0E0F6ADAB76CC5661D2B62359715BFC513E7 2.1 GB 2013-09-25